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MINT Museum of Toys Kiosk


  • MINT Museum of Toys
  • Flash
  • 2017 – Present

Digital experiences don’t always have to be confined to the online space. At MINT Museum, we worked with them to bring the digital experience to their visitors in the physical spaces.

The objectives of the kiosk are to:

  1. provide an engaging and educational mechanic for museum visitors,
  2. increase the awareness of ongoing programs, promotions and campaigns,
  3. and to gather more user data for remarketing

We created a toy catalogue that pulls data from Mint’s warehouse curation platform. This includes the toys featured in the museum as well as toys that are kept away in the owners secure warehouse. In fact, this database repository is the most extensive toy collection in the world, and presents an educational and novel feature for museum visitors.

To engage visitors further, we created a Toy Hunt game within the kiosk. It features a quiz with questions about the toys on display, and visitors are forced to explore the museum to find the relevant toy to get the answer to the quiz question. This mechanic connects the offline environment to the digital one. Visitors are given a score, and can choose to rank themselves on the leaderboard by providing their email address. This allows MINT to reward users for their score, and also collect valuable contact data that can be used for remarketing.

Suzerin continues to support MINT museum through a digital retainer.