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CRMMobile App

  • Sovereign Shipping Global
  • iOS, Android & Web
  • 2017 – present
  • Spring CDG

Sovereign Shipping Global is a leading ship brokerage firm based in Singapore. As ship brokers, Sovereign partners are required to provide their clients with up-to-date industry sales and purchases data.

The challenge that they faced was being able to pull up this data on the fly, managing the data collaboratively, and deal with their many client enquiries.

We conceptualised, designed and produced a mobile application that allows them to pull up relevant SNP data according to specific search parameters. Aside from that, their customers are able to use the app and make searches, or purchase and sales enquiries directly through the app.

Sovereign sales representatives and management are able to manage their clients and their enquiries directly on the application, which improves their productivity and operational capabilities.

Suzerin is currently working with Sovereign on conceptualising the next phase of development, which will take the application to mass market.