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Our Services

Digital Consultancy

Our team has worked on projects of varying scales & complexities with many different types of businesses. The experience garnered has been immensely valuable in having a good world view of existing challenges faced by organisations.

Suzerin works hand in hand with brands & agencies to develop their digital strategy, creating solutions which permeate business models to enhance their brand presence and operational capabilities.


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Web & Ecommerce Development

The Internet hasn’t been easy for many businesses to master, it doesn’t help that it is ever changing too. We help businesses by providing expert opinion to aid their decision on how they should be represented on the web.

We produce websites which are semantically coded, well organised, scalable & search engine optimised. After all, isn’t a website built to be visited?

Mobile Application

The advent of smartphones has generated particular interest in this pillar of communication. It has now become a necessity for any business to start engaging customers throughout their waking life.

We produce apps on iOS & Android, catering to mobile phones to tablets for small business & enterprise solutions. Together with our partners, Suzerin develops prototypes which are open for funding & investment.

Custom System

Many businesses have made their mark on their industry by being different, or doing things differently from their peers. It’s these differences that give them their edge over their competitors. Because of this, out of the box systems often don’t meet their requirements and don’t suit their business model and operations.

At Suzerin, we build custom systems from scratch, planning and crafting every feature and function to the unique requirements of the business, ensuring that our clients keep the edge that makes them great in the digital world as well.

Digital Marketing

We increase the visibility of our clients’ brands and digital assets through crafted digital marketing strategies. Our experience spans designing and executing Search, Social Media and Email Marketing campaigns. We help pave the roads that lead to you.

Event Systems & Kiosk

We provide hardware and software installations for events targeted at engaging and impressing attendees.

Our products and services include our proprietary event registration system, flash games for events, launch mechanisms, and other custom event systems.